We work with you to evolve your brand, team, business and marketing strategies and if required, bring them to life.
Our team of senior professionals ensure your marketing works seamlessly with your business plan
and objectives.
There are a million books and a thousand theories about marketing (and probably an app or two) but there’s one truth:
a marketing plan that doesn’t enhance your business plan, is a waste of words and money.

We are strategic marketers but equally importantly, we are business people with a serious history in helping to build
and develop companies, their brands, their teams, and bottom lines.

Joel Lomman


Marketing Specialist

With an Advanced Leadership Bachelor of business, Joel is passionate about providing strategic marketing solutions that build brands and make a difference for their customers.

Joel is passionate about not just working with businesses and business people, but working with people on their businesses, helping them achieve their personal and organisational visions and goals.

Joel has experience in finding ways to communicate effectively with varying audiences. Having published a book, written and edited for legal services and now in business development and marketing, Joel has a wide range when it comes to written communication.



Business & Marketing Advisor

Kerry Sanders loves to develop vision and strategies for brands and companies that can evolve into effective marketing campaigns that drive valuable business growth.

She is best known for elegant and evocative work for companies in retail, luxury goods, optical, education and fashion. Kerry’s creative direction, marketing and leadership experience guide the diverse roster of clients from strategy and brand development, through customer experience, product, trade and consumer integrated marketing campaigns.

Kent Palmer

Graphic Designer

Kent has always been passionate about graphic design and my aim is to transform design and marketing needs into creative, practical and informative solutions for the purpose of generating public demand, interest and increased value.

He is an expert at taking a brief and creating a solution that suits both the client and the market it is required for.

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