Advertising is not the Answer

Becoming strategy focused rather than solutions focused.

Having worked in multiple large international corporations and now with brand across a variety of industries, often I have found that the solution on everyone’s lips is to, “make another advert.” Whether it be that sales are down, monthly objectives aren’t being met or the flipping water cooler in the office is empty, it seems that the marketing team is always asked to ‘do some advertising’. Let me tell you, advertising is not the answer. Well not always anyway.

As marketers, we are consistently encouraging and educating brands and businesses to find real solutions, create real strategies and make a real impact through marketing. Rather than spending valuable time and resources on advertisements that have no meaningful or lasting effect on the ongoing success of the business.

How do you do this? well firstly, become

Strategy focused, Not Solutions Focused.

Too often we find that people are far too solutions focused. Fixated on getting quick results. Jumping straight into advertising campaigns or website development initiatives without considering the strategy. It is the same with all business functions, there should always be more value placed on strategy than solutions. Why? because the strategy helps you develop the solution that builds for success.

Creating real impact through marketing can involve a large variety of activities. Although initially, one of the reasons that advertising isn’t the answer, is because without strategy to solve the core of the problem, it will never be resolved. Marketing, which considers the entirety of the business, its values, people, structures and operations; approaches problems in a way that can produce solutions which build for future success. It is the difference between plugging a hole which strengthens a business to become more effective, and throwing on a Band-Aid just to make an immediate impact.

Or, in some cases maybe it’s the difference between running around with a holey bucket, and buying a brand new one.

Advertising is great, don’t get me wrong, it is the ‘sexy’ part of marketing. Since it is the product that everyone sees. This may be the very reason people seem to be continuously jumping to it as the best solution. Sorry, let me change that, – “jumping to it as the only solution.” Although it can only be truly effective when it is a part of the bigger strategic marketing picture.

A well developed marketing strategy that creates advertising which meets the market in the right place and at the right time, with the right information.

The Joy Division

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