The Cellar door of the Future

An all inclusive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

SparkIDEA by Kerry Sanders, Director of SparkBDM

The long lunch, the memorable experience, the amazing food, wine and the super friendly staff. Those words would be woven among raving reviews of this new restaurant and cellar door. The attention to detail in the finishes of stone, wood and natural fibers, creates a space where you instantly feel comfortable, cozy and surrounded by tangible and intangible quality. What makes this cellar door different, is just good heritage wines and a good atmosphere. It is an all inclusive experience that draws customers in, makes them want to stay, and then urges them to come back the next day. This is achieved through a combination of aesthetic and architectural differences that enhance the major elements of the cellar door experience. The layout acts as a point of difference.

As you walk through the grand entrance of a narrow decking path, you are surrounded by curved wooden vertical beams echoing the shape of a wine barrel, with draping grape vines tangled throughout. The large heavy door opens, and you are warmly greeted. The architecture and service combined, then instantly transport you to a beautiful, spacious, round room, igniting a feeling of expectation. The large rounded bar, invites you to walk through the retail space where you can buy locally grown olives, and wine from the huge wine rack covering the back of the wall. A plethora of books on design, landscapes, architecture, food wine, arts and music decorate the spaces around it. As you make your way to the lounge area, you are drawn to the huge open fire surrounded by comfy sofas and oversized soft chairs. As you move though, you notice the incredible views the the huge window walls, looking out upon the rolling hills covered by vineyards. You notice the people enjoying their wine on the viewing deck and as they enjoy the seated table experience and the stand up bar spaces. You move through to the restaurant and take a seat against the window. the restaurant experience is home cooking style with a touch of rustic finesse. You know you’re in a for a long lunch as you can’t seem to move. So you stay.  The flow through this restaurant and cellar door is designed to move you seamlessly between zones as they entwine and draw you through, tantalizing your senses harmoniously. Creating space like this is all about the experience and focusing on the desires of the customer and promoting their next move for them. If you like the sound of this experience, we can make it a reality for you.

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