Zip-lock Cereal Bags

C'mon people, it really isn't that hard!

SparkIDEA from Joel Lomman

One of the greatest challenges we face as a human race is the difficult task of keeping cereal fresh. Leave the packet open for even a moment and the treacherous humid air of our homes eats away at the lifespan of our ‘Crunchy-Munchy Pops’ at an astounding rate of weeks per second (, 2020).

There are several options then. 1. scrunch up the corner of the cereal bag as best you can to stop any air getting in. This will often work for for about 1.5 days until you get lazy and your scrunching technique becomes lackluster. Advanced cereal users will scrunch and then put a peg on it, although again, technique needs to be consistent and even then, air is a conniving mistress and still finds a way to ruin your breakfast of chioce. 2. You buy an air tight container much like Sarah Marshall (excuse the language). Requiring you to empty the contents of your cereal box, into another type of box whilst losing several of your ‘Crunchy-Munchy Pops’ to the kitchen floor along the way. Nonetheless, this seems to be the best option.


Why not just put cereal in zip-lock bags in the first place?


Everything comes in a zip-lock bag these days, frozen berries, coffee beans… I cant think of anything else, but pretty much everything does. So why not cereal? seriously, it’s not that hard.

Bringing this innovation into homes around the world would undoubtedly reduce the amount of 1. stress for people trying to keep their cereal fresh. 2. Waste due to cereal becoming un-fresh and 3. unhappy people in the workplace due to them having to go to work on a stomach filled with stale cereal, which will most likely in term solve the issue of workplace bullying. So the benefits are compounding and therefore world changing.

What do you think? why hasn’t this been done? and if it has, why isn’t everyone doing it?

(Please note that ‘Crunchy-Munchy Pops’ is not a real cereal but feel free to use the name, if you are desperate).

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