We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, and in all types of industries. Here’s what some of our clients say about us:

Sunrise Christian School

“Sunrise Christian School utilized the expertise and services of SparkBDM for the purposes of assessing and evaluating the strength of the school within the education market, and to develop a strategic and marketing plan to see the school build upon its presence in the market.

SparkBDM bring a broad range of experiences and insights from a variety of workplace environments. They have a great ability to discern the needs of their clients and suggest effective solutions to maximize the potential of their clients’ services.

SparkBDM are highly motivated and strive to model a high performance culture in all they do. They bring empathy, wisdom and empowered leadership principles to all personal interactions. SparkBDM will gently challenge the status quo and demand new thinking and fresh approaches to tired strategies.

At all times, SparkBDM have professional conduct and genuinely believe in those they partner with to find success. I have found it a joy to work with SparkBDM and would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Shane Hosking


Benleigh Vending Systems

“Benleigh approached SparkBDM to assist in the development and delivery of a national tender for the Tertiary Access Group. The tender is the largest our company has submitted and would allow us to service Universities across Australia. We therefore brought SparkBDM on board, as we felt that their innovative approach to business and marketing would help give us the best opportunity for success.

Throughout the entire process SparkBDM aided us in strategically positioning our business as leaders in the market, providing innovative and forward thinking solutions which ultimately led to us winning the Tender. Their consultation and delivery on the project was professional and of the highest quality. They were available to us at all times and stayed a step ahead, providing us with the best course of action throughout the process.

We enjoyed working with a company we could trust, who were interested in our businesses success and ensured that we put our best foot forward in every area possible.”

Chris Dunbar

Corporate Sales & Innovation Manager

Barossa Trading and Bottling Company

“We approached SparkBDM to develop a business and marketing plan for the Barossa Bottling and Trading Company. Our aim was to consolidate our business goals and strategic direction in a structured business and marketing plan as a roadmap for success.

SparkBDM prepared a comprehensive business plan and helped us achieve what we have only been thinking about for a long time. SparkBDM were thorough in their approach to understanding our business and passionate in delivering us a solution suitable to our lifestyle and long term goals.

We enjoyed the freedom having the task completed by a trusting company who were interested in identifying opportunities for our success.”

Chris Grigoriou
Company Director

Australian Civil and Mining Training

“I approached SparkBDM to assist me with a mentoring program I was undertaking. Personally, the warm and friendly environment they create makes working with them a joy. They are flexible with time as well and meeting locations (even to our muddy shed on a wet day). The knowledge and support has been outstanding and have learnt so much in such a short time.

From a business prospective SparkBDM have assisted us in looking at our businesses as a whole, targeting our overlooked strengths and highlighting areas of need. They have given us the confidence in what we do, really opened our eyes and got us to focus on what works for us.

I thoroughly look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

Lisa Crabb
Australian Civil and Mining Training

Portia Valley Wines

“Portia Valley approached SparkBDM to develop a brand plan for a new export wine range, specifically for the Chinese Market. The brand plan was comprehensive, including opportunities, vision, strategy, distribution and marketing. SparkBDM worked with us to understand our experience and undertook research to identify the target market, the culture and how current labels have achieved success in this expanding market, in order to develop a great brand plan.
SparkBDM showed professionalism in their approach and the quality of work they delivered. They were interested in the success of our business as a whole and we have developed a great relationship. Their expertise in marketing and brand development helped us to achieve a plan that we could easily take ourselves and activate internally with success.
We enjoyed working with SparkBDM and highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop a new product or brand.”
Greg Grigoriou

General Manager

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