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A coffee a day for only $.....

SparkIDEA from – Joel Lomman

Coffee beans subscriptions today are becoming an increasingly prevalent offering with roasters. Allowing customers to subscribe to a certain amount of beans at a discounted price on a monthly/weekly/fortnightly basis, which are delivered to their door. Allowing security for roasters and keeping customers coming back for more.

If you are like me, and like to be able to make quality coffee at home with higher end beans, its a great idea.

Other than convenience, the biggest draw card for me would be the possibility to purchase a subscription for someone as a present. I definitely plan on buying a coffee bean subscription as a birthday present for my wife (who doesn’t drink coffee but happens to live in the same house as me) in the near future.

Although why not take it one step further.

Why not sell Coffee Subscriptions?

For a certain amount per month (obviously discounted heavily) a customer gets a coffee a day. Say there are 20ish business days a month, you could charge $80 a month ($4 per coffee). Theoretically the customer can receive 30ish coffees, therefore 10 free, giving them value.

I have no idea what the market would be, but there are definitely a lot of people who buy a coffee a day. For Cafès it is giving thier customers another reason to stay loyal, and choose your coffee over someone else’s. It is taking loyalty cards to the next level.

Now this may only work in certain areas. But surely it something that a chain like CIBO, Gloria Jeans or Starbucks could do?

What do you think? is this silly, would you be interested? or is there not enough value for the customer?

I know that I would be pumped to get a months coffee subscription rather than a subscription to Birds, Trains and Knick-Knacks Magazine Australia. (no offense if there is a magazine dedicated to birds, trains and Knick-Knacks).

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