Customer Empowerment

How empowering your customers with confidence and trust keeps them coming back.

Customer empowerment creates confidence, confidence creates trust, trust leads to loyalty, and loyalty; loyalty is invaluable.

Very rarely today is it the product alone, and what that product does, that keeps customers coming back again and again to the same brand or business. Now, customers are buying based on how that brand and its product makes them feel, and what their experience is like as they purchase it.

This means that businesses now need to focus on the entirety of the customer experience, from end to end. From online to in store and from in store to online. We are coming into a world where customer acquisition is no longer the core measure of success. Obviously as a business’s scale up, acquiring new customers is key to success, particularly for consumer-facing brands. But as a company matures, and the market they play in becomes more competitive, the retention of customers becomes equally as important – if not more so. Retaining and understanding current customers is the key to discovering new revenue opportunities and increasing the overall lifetime value of each customer.

Hence, customer loyalty cannot just be seen as an aloof prospect, only available to those with a large pull and the deepest of pockets. Customer loyalty through ongoing customer relationship can be directly influenced by an effective and valuable customer experience.

The Power of Customer Comfort

The customer experience can be tailored to empower customers, giving them the power to make controlled and comfortable decisions. When we are in control and comfortable, we are happy. Providing your customers with a sense of empowerment and comfort will initiate a shift in customers’ confidence in you brand. If you give the confidence back to the customer you leave them feeling satisfied, rewarded, delighted and in control. Which ultimately, will keep them coming back. Loyalty.

It can cost between 4 and 10 times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain current ones. Don’t get me wrong, acquisition is essential, and that is the point. A tailored customer experience can affect both current and potential customers in becoming part of the loyal customer base. As well as work towards retaining those who are already a part of it.

So how do we empower customers? We conduct a complete analysis of the customers journey with a brand. Using methods such as mystery shopping and observatory research. We then take this knowledge and find the moments in which the customer desires information. Right information at the right time. We then find the times in which the customer wishes to have space to make their decision, and empower them to do so.

If people feel happy and you earn their trust, you are more likely to see a greater loyalty from them. As a result, you will see an increase in your most profitable, loyal customer base.

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SparkBDM, has a bespoke design process which reveals the most valuable customer experience for brands. Talk to us today about how we can help you bring joy to your customers through your brand.

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