Choose Your Own Adventure

Understanding the Customer Journey

Ever wondered where you would be today if your life was only made up of multiple choice based decisions? A bit like the old ‘Choose Your own Adventure’ books we grew up on. You know the ones where you were given a scenario and then multiple options on what you will do next. Will you take the path along the river or over the mountains? The decision is all yours. Exciting I know!

These were a big deal well before parents had small, rectangle shaped objects capable of making sounds and colours that move, and are exceptional tools used primarily for a. disconnecting people from the harsh reality of reality and b. distracting children from making excessive noise in cafes.

Anyway, I wonder what our lives would be like if at every ‘fork in the road’ we only had option A or B. Maybe C as well. How much simpler and more manageable life may be. Although, as I’m hopeful we have all come to terms with by now, this is not how it works. Instead we have to make decisions where there are many options, multiple factors and often several moving parts involved. A truth that makes me question how I have survived up until this point.

Nonetheless, our motion through life is never linear and neither is an individual’s behaviour. In our discussion of the customer experience, that at SparkBDM we believe is a key to successful business today, the topic of customer journey must come into play.

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Customer Journey

The customers journey encompasses the entire experience that a customer has in relation to your brand. It is the journey they go on from the point of first witnessing your brand, to either becoming a loyal customer or choosing an alternative. In relation to the customer journey we could discuss multiple parameters for understanding and articulating it. Such as journey mapping, the customer funnel or the decision making process.

The problem being that, as we have mentioned, human behaviour varies vastly based on the types of decisions being made as well as the contextual influences. It is the same with the customer journey. Although broad templates exist which help us to define and articulate the journey. It differs drastically based on the brand, the market, the products and services, and the circumstances.

Understanding the customer journey must therefore include a deep understanding of the market and the decision making process in relation to the brand. How customers witness and perceive the brand, as well as the many touch-points that affect these things.

Ultimately, mapping the customers journey with your brand can allow a deeper understanding of the customers experience. Which, when developed to provide the most value to the customer, can help a business achieve its objectives.

SparkBDM, has a bespoke design process which reveals the most valuable customer experience for brands. This includes analysis of the customers journey and relationship with a brand. Talk to us today about how we can help you bring joy to your customers through your brand.

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