Customer Experience Strategy

At SparkBDM we believe that customer experience is vital for successful business. It can be a real point of difference that sets you apart from your competitors and creates loyal customers. No matter the industry that your organisation is in, if you have customers, you have an opportunity to create meaningful moments, interactions, products and experiences that could set you apart.

I have been noticing recently the observations that people around me are making about the experiences they have had with certain brands. Whether it be the comment about the grumpy sales assistant who tried to sell a friend a pair of $180 sunglasses. Or the story about the lady who went out of her way to help my grandmother with her holiday booking, (that she has now told me several times). Even the comment that alluded to a negative workplace culture a neighbor made when I asked how their week had been. Even the letter of encouragement I found when cleaning out some old storage that I had received from my year 6 teacher after a year in his class.

Whether it be in the context of organisational culture, retail service, an experience with a person ‘who just got it’, or a person who went out of their way to show you they cared. All, firstly show us that we are buying based on emotion. And secondly, this experience can be directly affected by a meaningful emotional impact.

Although for an effective customer experience that creates valuable and loyal customers, one element cannot be focused on as the sole solution. This is where a customer experience strategy comes in.

Customer Experience Strategy

A customer experience strategy and design becomes vital for businesses today in the pursuit of continued growth and success. While a marketing focused digital strategy will focus mostly on the awareness raising aspect of the customer journey. A customer experience strategy looks at the whole process – and is designed around developing long term relationships that set your business up for the future.

A customer experience strategy is vital because it doesn’t just take into account the experience at the point of purchase, but everything that leads them to making that decision. It starts internally, with an organisations culture. As we have mentioned, the workplace experience affects the brand experience, which affects the customers experience.

Marketing - Branding - Experience

Often brands and businesses are focused on keeping costs down, although often this can lead to the loss of customers. This is due to the fact that every bad interaction a customer has with a brand that they perceive to be cheap (for whatever reason) is a negative mark in that customer’s mind against the brand. Ultimately moving them one step closer to choosing another competitor. On the other hand, if the business isn’t focused on a cost reduction strategy but a customer experience strategy, they will have the opportunity increase the value that each customer is to their business. In turn, increasing revenue.

A customer experience strategy doesn’t look at selling customers your products. In fact what we think, feel and say about our product, brand or idea is largely irrelevant. What we focus on at SparkBDM, is uncovering the customers already pre-determined needs and wants, and then relate to them. As we pointed out at the top, people buy based on emotion, they then use the ‘facts and data’ to back up the decision to buy. Customer experience is purposeful in creating emotive experiences that cause buyers to search for the ‘facts and data’. Then provides them with this information in the right place, at the right time.

“People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others.”― Blaise Pascal, Pensées

SparkBDM, has a bespoke design process which reveals the most valuable customer experience for brands which includes analysis of the customers journey and relationship with a brand. Talk to us today about how we can help you bring joy to your customers through your brand.

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