Creating and keeping happy customers is vitally important to any business. An effective customer experience may be the most valuable way to do this.

If people feel happy and you earn their trust, you are more likely to see a greater loyalty from them, and in turn, an increase in your most profitable, loyal customer base.

Creating a valuable customer experience may be one of the most effective ways in which brands can provide joyful purchasing experiences for its customers. Therefore, creating happy customers. As discussed previously (here), effective customer experience isn’t something that can be developed with just a quick fix remedy or an ‘off the shelf’ solution, it must be tailored to meet the specific needs and desires of a brands customers.

At SparkBDM we are passionate about finding the customer experience that best suits a brand and its market. One which takes into account all facets of the brand, business and market. Although a customer experience can only be effective if it and other influencing factors are first analysed and measured.

Customer Experience Analyses

Analysing customer experience involves gaining a deep and rich understanding of the brand and business. The current customers and its potential customers, as well as the market as a whole. A customer experience will be most effective when it is built on a brands strengths and structure, and then targeted to meet the needs and desires of its customers. Otherwise, if it isn’t based on the brands strengths, the process of creating the experience may be unsustainable for the business.

Or, if the experience isn’t targeted at the brands market or is developed with little understanding of that market, it will be unsuccessful in creating valuable results. This would be like trying to tell your new kitten to stop clawing at your feet because you would prefer it not to, 1. It doesn’t understand you and 2. It probably doesn’t care. Instead, when creating customer experiences we must communicate and relate to the market in such a way that the intended recipient understands and cares about. In this case, distracting my wife’s new pet with a more suitable object for clawing to smithereens is the only viable option.

Further analyses of the customers behavior, human functions and social values and how these affect a person’s purchasing decision is also conducted. This also includes determining how a brand, and its assets make a consumer feel, as people today no longer make decisions based solely on need or functionality, but on emotion and experience. People want to be happy, they want to feel joy.

Effective customer experience

Customer Experience Measurement

Measuring the customer experience involves determining the actual result of the customers experience with your brand at multiple stages in the journey of making a decision. The measurement phase looks at the results of a brands customer experience and relates them to the businesses objectives.

The brand experience may create a disgruntled customer, in turn their loyalty and circle of influence will decreas with your brand. Alternatively, the experience may create a delighted customer whose circle of influence is easily penetrated by positive words about their experience with your brand.

A happy experience increases trust and loyalty, which can ultimately lead to profitability and business longevity.

Once the affecting factors have been analysed and the customers current experience measured, then, and only then can a truly effective customer experience be developed.

SparkBDM, has a bespoke design process which reveals the most valuable customer experience for brands. Talk to us today about how we can help you bring joy to your customers through your brand.

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