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Sporting Ticket Bundles

Spark Idea from – Joel Lomman

I am a sports fan. I prefer basketball, although I love the experience of going to professional sports as a casual fan. I love the atmosphere, the excitement, the competitiveness, yet I certainly don’t go every week.

Why can I not buy a bundle of tickets for my City’s various sporting teams?

For example, I live in Adelaide. I could purchase a 10 ticket bundle. For that I get 2 regular home season tickets to the Adelaide 36ers, the Adelaide Strikers, the Adelaide Crows and Adelaide United, and then 2 more of my choice. All to be used in 2017 for example.

The biggest issue is obviously around pricing, to make it worthwhile it would need to be cheaper than just going to book tickets yourself. Although there are also variables around the differing prices for each sport due to demand.

What do you think?

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