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You get a luxurious 5 star holiday whilst provided food and jobs to those in need.

SparkIDEA from Joel Lomman

Generally speaking, people want to help those who are in need.

In some way, we want to give food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless and be able to provide fresh water to those who don’t have access to it. Although for the most part, we aren’t willing to do so if it means giving up our luxurious way of life. We want to help, but only to the point where our quality of living isn’t really effected. Those of us who are supremely blessed to have expendable income, like to go on holidays, we like to eat enjoyable food and drive a car that doesn’t break down too often.

What if we could do both? Enjoy the luxuries we desire whilst being able to have a positive impact on those who are in need.

(This is the big picture idea for way down the track)

‘Hotels for the Hungry’ (or homeless, or hopeless…or a completely different name) is a chain of luxurious hotels in pristine locations, (outside of the prime tourist destinations) around the world. They are competitively priced to make money as any other hotel, and offer the broad range of services that holiday makers are seeking. Due to their locations, they are positioned as luxury getaways, self-contained resorts that provide a place to rest, relax and enjoy the privilege of being on holiday in which ever form chosen.

The difference is, Hotels for the Hungry is a not for profit organisation. We train and employ local people. Paying them double their countries average wage. We source from the local community, paying them good money for local produce wherever possible. Any profit made then goes back to those who are in need in the area. The hotel helps support local schools, orphanages, hospitals and provides food and water to those who are in need.

There are already hotels, and there are already people who are going on luxurious holiday.

With Hotels for the Hungry we are able to provide an opportunity for people to enjoy their holidays, whilst providing jobs, food, medicine, water and education for those who otherwise may not have it.

Hotels for the Hungry – changing lives one holiday at a time!

I’m not sure if this is possible in anyway, I haven’t considering the humanitarian impact or how it could really work, but H4H would be the first place I look when I plan my next trip away.

The resorts/hotels would be in less advantaged places like Indonesia, South East Asia, South America and India. Having been to several of these places, we like to holiday outside of the major ‘touristy’ areas. What we find is amazing local people, pristine scenery and still great hotels and resorts to stay in. In each of these you find locals who provide amazing service, whilst getting paid next to nothing. This is coupled with the ever present feeling that somewhere, a rich person is pocketing a good profit. Now don’t get me wrong, this is great. But what if there was an option of luxury accommodation which also gave directly back to the community it was a part of?

How do I do this? I have three implausible options,

  1. Someone who already owns a hotel decides to donate it to the organisation to get us started,
  2. I find an investor who would be willing to buy into the idea with a small amount of equity. I then use this equity to go scope land and hire architects and designers to draw up plans for the first resort. I then develop this into a complete business plan, with an estimated cost of exactly how much it would cost to get up and running. With this plan, I then sell it, although not just anybody, in fact to everybody. I crowd fund it. Say the estimated cost is $5 million (I have no idea). We use what is left from the initial investment to promote the idea, and ask people to pledge how much they would be willing to give on the basis, that they only have to give this amount if we reach our goal of $5 million, and can go ahead and do it.
  3. You, if you have the equity, take this idea and go and do it, the only thing I ask is that you let me be involved in someway J


What do you think of Hotels for the Hungry? How could it be better? Would you holiday in one of the resorts?

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