How to Increase Oxytocin Levels at Work

Using what you have to create joyful experiences in the workplace.

Oxytocin makes us feel good. Hmm… not to be talking about a taboo subject. As was discussed recently, trust and purpose filled work produce oxytocin, which makes us feel joyful. It is therefore important that organisations are spending time to develop trust within their teams as well as communicate direction and purpose.


Although there are also ways in which we can take control and produce happiness at work. Truly, it is really simple. In-fact our bodies were made to create oxytocin, we just have to use what we have to encourage it to do so.
Here are Five ways your body was made to help you feel happy. (That are appropriate for the workplace).


1.    Your Face was made to smile.

My mother used to always tell me that it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown. Whether that’s true or not, it is true that smiling and laughter releases oxytocin and makes us feel happier.

Pulling out a smile isn’t hard, but it can make a big difference. On top of that, smiling and laughing is contagious. Create a culture of joy in your workplace by using your face in what it was made for.

2.    Your ears were made for listening.

Listening attentively with other people shows consideration and kindness. It actually produces oxytocin in both people. It creates trust and team and can go a long way towards becoming more productive.


Give other people your attention, care about them, listen, and get happier together.


3.    Your tongue was made for talking.

Use your tongue productively. Speak words of encouragement. Speak in a way that builds others up and doesn’t pull them down. When we hear a compliment we feel good about ourselves. We believe we are being loved and held in high regard. Oxytocin works on this level as well. The “feel good” hormone increases when we are caring and compassionate with another, or vice versa. Words have a powerful frequency. When we feel loved and we relate to it oxytocin increases. The same goes to giving a compliment to another. The kindness you put out into the world also increases oxytocin.

Stop competing and start lifting others up so you can become better together.

4.    Your legs were made for moving.


Your legs weren’t built for dangling underneath your desk. Exercise releases oxytocin. In your lunch break make sure you fit in a walk. During the day stand up from your desk when you get an opportunity.

Find a way to fit in some exercise in the day and get the oxytocin filled blood pumping.

5.    Your brain was made for thinking


Believe it or not…


In fact a entire half of your brain is built for creativity. If your work doesn’t exercise the creative side of you brain, then find something that does. Because you guessed it, creativity releases oxytocin, making us feel happier. If you need a quick break to spark some creativity, check out SparkIDEAS. A platform of creative people sharing their thoughts and ideas. Based on the belief that collective imagination can spark creativity.

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