How to Stand Out in the Market

5 Keys to marketing your business successfully.

In the noisy cluttered market of today, your business must stand out if it’s going to survive and be successful.

How are you differentiating your business from your competition when potential customers have started to ignore banner ads, filter emails to the junk folder, and fast-forward through commercials?

You need a competitive advantage that is relevant for your customers today, and then stand out from the crowd in communicating it with them. You need to adopt the latest marketing strategies.

Why would customers choose you over someone else? This is where understanding your brand purpose can help you in creating a memorable customer experience. This is what differentiates your business. The better you are at shaping that experience, and guiding your customers, the more you will eventually have.

Fundamentally, developing a great Marketing strategy requires knowing:

  • Who your target audience is, and what they want and need,
  • How to tell your brand story in a way that is relevant to that audience, and
  • clarity of where you are headed – and how your business can be aligned at every level to get there.


1. Know your brand purpose and identity

Why does your brand or business exist, what is its purpose and reason for being and doing what it does? Understanding the why behind the what is fundamental to your businesses success. This will be the foundation for what you do, and the reason why customers will ultimately choose your product over someone else’s.

2. Ensure your people are set-up for success

Today your customers expect the right information as soon as they want it. Therefore, it is important that your people are set up to provide relevant information based on an understanding of your client’s needs, questions and intentions. It is your job to make sure that your organisational culture and internal team understand not only your brand’s purpose, but also understand your customers inside and out.

Equip your team with market insights, encourage conversations between your people and your customers and allow them to build high quality relationships. Enable them to have the answers to questions that are yet to be asked.

3. Internal alignment

For your organisation to have the success that you desire, it must be internally aligned from the very top to the very bottom, from the left to the right. A business that is built on its values, purpose and strategic direction throughout every department can then work towards achieving the overarching business goals TOGETHER! Just being in the same boat isn’t enough, the entire organisation must be rowing in the same direction. That’s where alignment comes in.

Today you aren’t just selling a product. You are interacting with customers, people who want more than just what you can give them, they want an ongoing relationship and a trusted source.

You are collaborating with people to help make their lives better, or more convenient.

Ultimately, delivering a memorable experience. You must therefore tailor your products and services, and align your business to help customers realize their goals. By doing so, you will achieve your own.

4. Understand your customers

It seems crazy to say, but so many people think about themselves first. Big mistake. Make informed business decisions that don’t just consider the bottom line or what seems best for you, but are based on what is going to best help your customers. If you stay loyal to your customers, they will be more likely to stay loyal to you.

Being consultative in your marketing approach and asking customers what they actually want and value from your products or services can help you to create strategies that cater to them. Show your customers that you are listening, and are committed to a long-term relationship rather than meaningless transactions. Constant innovation of products, services and thinking that give your customers more, will ultimately lead to more customers for you.

5. Create a memorable experience

In the fast-paced market place of today where routine and quick transactions saturate most industries, it is the individualized relationships that really stand out.

Creating a memorable experience for your customers may be the reason that they come back for more, and encourage their circle to do so as well. People don’t just purchase a product, they purchase a feeling; and they don’t just buy from brands because of what they do, they buy from brands that provide an experience. Deliver your product and service in a memorable fashion that causes people to rave about you afterwards. Make sure your social media strategy thoughtfully connects and relates to your customers.

At SparkBDM we exist to help business people, do business better. Marketing isn’t just about bringing people to your brand, it’s about optimizing everything that you do to build a brand that performs. We want to help you have greater influence, higher awareness in the market, and speak to a growing crowd of loyal customers and raging fans. Our difference is found in our passion for people. Our passion is to see your people find purpose and meaning in everything that they do, creating memorable interactions with your customers, resulting in business growth and profit.

We create loyal customers through strategic marketing, creative design and memorable experiences. Our work is immersed in a discovery of understanding you and your customers’ needs to drive brand performance and business growth.

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