Interpersonal Development is more Important than your PD Hours

Why you should stop focusing on Personal Development and instead Focus on Interpersonal Development.

According to research completed by Harris Poll, 69% of people aged 18 to 34 years old said they thought they were more likely to learn more from technology, than from people. To which I would mostly agree with the larger percentile. Considering how quick I am to just ‘google it’ as soon as I have a question. Although, I think this statistic is reasonably worrisome. Despite the world-wide web being an endless source of information, a deep pool of how-to-videos and a constant reminder of how much time you actually have to waste in your day, there are many things you can’t truly learn from the internet. Fundamentally and vitally important things. Such as, how to navigate a conversation, how to show empathy and compassion and how to develop trusting relationships. To name just a few…

Okay maybe that is a bit harsh, but you know what I mean. There is a set of intangible skills that we all require, not just as business people but as humans, that help us to be successful in relating to, and working effectively with others. Things like being able to communicate commendably without a device as an intermediary, or the ability to build trust and confidence, read situations, show empathy, and understand others, cannot be developed via the internet.

All these things come together to make us more interpersonal people, a set of skills which has become known as Emotional Intelligence or EQ (or EI depending on who you ask).

EQ isn’t just about being a better person, people who work on developing their EQ are in fact better employees. They work better with other people and form more productive and effective teams. They become more confident in who they are, and willingly share their own ideas as well as are more open to others’. They think of those around them, can see things from their perspective, and are therefore less likely to be abrasive and turn others away.

When you improve your EQ, you increase self-awareness, self-control, motivation, time management, leadership ability, stress management, connections and working relationships. The list goes, and it’s all great.

It’s one thing to be able to accomplish a task. Although to be able to accomplish tasks together whilst working at peak performance requires a continuous focus on developing your interpersonal self.

Therefore, why is it that we give so much time to learning new skills and developing better attributes, rather than developing interpersonally? Ultimately, it leads to you becoming a better employee, working in more productive teams, and being more successful.

PD is beneficial, don’t get me wrong, although focus on interpersonal development, because that helps everybody.

At SparkBDM we exist to help business people, do business better. Marketing isn’t just about bringing people to your brand, it’s about optimizing everything that you do to build a brand that performs. We want to help you have greater influence, and higher awareness in the market, and speak to a larger crowd of loyal customers and raging fans. Our difference is found in our focus on and for people. Our passion is to see your people find purpose and meaning in everything that they do, creating memorable interactions with your clients, resulting in business growth and profit.

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