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SparkIDEA from – Kerry Sanders

Every time I drive past this baron derelict in Adelaide, I dream of its potential.

Shop Front

When I was wandering the streets of Paris, I was amused by the sidewalk cafes. It caught my attention how the patrons were so interested in perusing the passers by, that it is now a cultural ‘thing’ to have seating, facing out to the street.


I liked the idea of sitting next to my bestie, not staring at them, but chatting whilst taking in the world around us.


Whilst I’m not convinced this is the most polite setup for a cafe which is indusive of conversation and relationship, there’s something quite unique about it. It’s this venue on North Tce, I see a canopy of grapevines and lights above tables and chairs, completely decked out in casual Parisian style, spilling generously out across the sidewalk and surrounding area. I see this pocket of North Tce, coming alive on weekdays as people meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and watch passers by catching buses, sitting in the lawn across the road or driving past. I hear Frenchesque music with a menu customised for the causal business or friendly catch-up. I see so much potential with this site and I only wish I was rich enough to purchase it and turn it into a place where life exists and evolves with time and trend.


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