Don’t Let the Sale, Beat the Brand

How you behave during Sale Season, will affect your brands reputation.

It is that time of year again. Let me rephrase. It is one of those times of the year again. End of financial year brings about one of the more significant sale seasons on the retail calendar. With businesses attempting to make up lost revenue, product prices are cut by drastic percentages.

Which is brilliant for your and I. We get to enjoy huge savings on products that we don’t need. In fact, things that we didn’t even want before we saw the discount. Do you have someone in your life who will come home from the shops around this time of year with a bunch of unnecessary items, justifying the purchases with the fact that they were on sale?

Just because there is 80% off, doesn’t mean that we need a new dog kennel with ducted heating. We don’t even have a Dog!

Nonetheless, this is the world we live in, and it is that time of year again. The SALE banners come out and advertising is ramped up across the board.

Although not only does this time of year show our true colours as shoppers, the sale season can be a real time of reckoning for brands themselves. How they act and advertise their sale, as with any brand activity, leaves lasting impressions on customers. Both for good and bad.

Don’t lose your Brand in search of a Sale.

Just because it’s time to put on a sale, doesn’t mean that the brand identity should be thrown out the window. So often we see brands, that in an effort to get people through the door quickly, forget that their brands identity and perception is far more important than making a few quick discounted sales.

Hand written signs on butcher’s paper is great for JB Hi-Fi, because this is part of their identity. Although it would be highly peculiar for a luxury brand to make a similar move.

A single miss-step that is made in the haste of getting ready for sale season, may leave a lasting impression with customers, causing a loss of prestige and brand value.

How you behave during Sale Season, will affect your brands reputation and long term value.

The question must then be asked, how do you capitalise on the season, whilst maintaining your brand identity?

Stay true to your brand identity. Always.

The answer will vary depending on the situation and its stakeholders, although one thing is consistent. Your brand guidelines. Hold them close. The long term results of a high performing and consistent brand will always outweigh the short term ones that a quick sale may bring.

If you don’t have brand guidelines or don’t know how your brand should behave during sale season, we can help. Visit or email us at

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