An App Called Leftovers

SparkIDEA from – Haydn Barns

Leftovers are the best type of food. I am not talking about scraps, I am talking about extra meals that are so often made and wasted. For example, when you make a pot of pasta and have enough for your lunch the next day and an extra meal. This is a leftover.

Leftovers is an App. The App contains a map which shows the surroundings of your current location. Quite simply, people are able to post the leftovers they have and sell them.


Back in my university days this would have been brilliant.

– Its dinner time, I have no food, Woolies is already closed and my last several meals have been well below average. I also have little money for purchasing takeaway. All I want is to be back at home where I can get a brilliant home cooked meal from my mother. Or… I go on Leftovers where I can find another lovely mother who has made too much food and is willing to sell it for a fiver. –

How is this not brilliant? (besides the many legal issues, health regulations and certain court cases).

Nonetheless I enjoy thinking about this in an ideal world. You get up the app, you have a choice of spaghetti bolognese from the Johnsons, pumpkin soup from old betty or an extra steak and Salad from just across the road. When I do cook I always make extra and put it up on Leftovers to help someone else out. I can just imagine everyone hanging out for when my grandma makes her highly coveted brownies. At first she was selling them for $8 for an entire batch. But due to demand the price just keeps going up an up.

Payment could be through the App and involves a system where the buyers funds are held until both parties confirm that the transfer of delicious goods has been made.

People get to know their neighbors better and getting good food becomes easy again. What more could you want?


Surely some good (and legally viable) idea could come of this?

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