SparkIDEA from Kerry Sanders – Director of SparkBDM

  Television stations – all of them, have so much potential and opportunity yet they don’t seem to be doing anything about it. Channel 10 going in to administration due to tired programming is clear that they may be antiquated in the way they do business. Think about this: retail stores were hit for a six when the online shopping boomed. DVD stores never recovered when Netflix, Foxtel and Stan became accessible at home. The corner deli never recovered when petrol stations became convenience stores. The list goes on. Newspapers have had to rethink their service, magazines are hard at work to keep people buying print media, so why do TV stations think they can keep serving us the same formula as decades gone by? Surely there needs to be a drastic shift in the offering and experience they provide viewers. I have three thoughts:

  1. Be personal in your delivery and service to your customer with a focus on creating loyal viewers.
  2. Why do car accidents make the news? The nightly news is full of accidents. Why is it a point of difference to share positive stories. Do they realise that the young parents of today don’t watch the news, and wouldn’t let their children watch it? What generations will be watching the news after Gen X?!
  3. Push positive media messages
  • Mindfulness and why it’s important
  • Being present with People,
  • Show families what a healthy plate looks like at 6pm when dinner prep is happening
  • Healthy conversations in marriages and with kids,
  • Technology use and updates, safety notices etc,
  • Children direct,
  • Share with me my Right amount of sleep, Etc etc.

They have the airwaves and the media space, so why not attract viewers to the their stations through the use of these attributes they offer. Start creating loyal viewers by helping them in their everyday life. When I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, why wouldn’t they tell me to get up and get active!? If they did, I’d thank them and come back and watch again. Instead of boycotting free to air TV altogether. TV stations could have me hooked and become a dependence in my life if they connect their online and social channels in the same way. Imagine the power a TV station can have over you if you listened to them because you felt they cared about your lifestyle through timely and relevant information. There seems to be space (and need) for new ideas that create a shift in the media industry allowing television stations to take hold of the opportunity they have to speak into our society.

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