What we do

We know business, and we know people as well. We don’t just advertise to your potential customers, we provide compelling reasons for them to engage and remain with your brand through connected communications and experiences.

SparkBDM partner with you to transform your customer or client engagement and communications, by aligning business objectives to ensure organisational growth and brand performance is optimised.

If you haven’t had a marketing team work with you before, you may not be aware of all the things you can and should expect…


Think of us as your business development and marketing manager, department, team or coach for hire, that works with you to grow your business, brand or team.

Strategic Marketing Consultancy

As a leader in your organisation, and with all the day to day activities filling up your time, developing a strategy which drives business success and brand performance can be a difficult task. That’s where we come in, we help business leaders, do business better.


We help companies develop business and marketing strategies that are based on solid research and market insights. Our work is immersed in our clients’ and their audience needs and informed by strategically driven thinking.


Too often businesses try and implement solutions without defining and articulating a strategic direction. This is where we come in. We always start by understanding, discovering, protecting and enhancing the core of the business, before actively shaping its future.

Planning & Development

A strategy is pointless if it isn’t tactically planned out to be implemented successfully. We bring your vision to life through strategically driven plans that provide clear timelines and methods of execution and delivery.

Execution & Delivery

We manage projects to ensure that the strategy and tactical solutions are being implemented to achieve the highest ROI and have a lasting impact.

Review & Analysis

With any implemented strategy it is important that in everything we do, we aim to be memorable and measured. This is where we review and analyse on an ongoing basis so that brands and businesses continue to run at peak performance.

Branding, Brand Management & Creative Design

Do you want a brand that doesn’t just exist to look good, but is developed to create a lasting difference and is focussed on the customer? We don’t believe in doing anything unless the business strategy is considered, therefore in each of these following areas we are more than a creative agency. We strategically design assets that propel you towards organisational goals.


We help you discover the why behind your brand and then communicate its story with the market to produce loyal customers. We take you through a brand discovery process that allows us to unlock the potential of your brand.

Web Design

Website design is a fine art. We bring creative visual design and structural development together to create online experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Copywriting and Content Creation

The right information, at the right time. We help businesses create valuable and relevant content that fits into their communication strategy, and speaks to the target audience with that which they need and want.

Graphic Design

Whether it be for print, digital, signage, branding or communications it doesn’t matter, we can design something beautiful. Not only that, but we work with you during the briefing process to ensure that you get something that matches the vision in your head.

Social Media Marketing

Strategy, communications guidelines and ongoing social monitoring and management that connects with your audience and develops lasting relationships. All that we do is driven by industry best practices and creative thinking.

Digital Marketing

Having a digital strategy as part of your marketing activities is vital in today’s marketplace. We can help you develop strategies and tactical solutions that meet your customers where they are searching. This includes bringing together SEO, SEM, Email, Social Media and Website Marketing together to create real results.

Brand Activation

Bringing a brand to life is a large task. We help you manage brand rollouts across all platforms, bringing together the other elements discussed here to ensure consistency and excellence in promoting your brand.

Customer Experience

We are passionate about developing successful individuals, who operate effective teams, driving brands and products to peak performance by focussing on the customer experience. It is the experience that a customer has with your brand that creates loyalty and develops raving fans.


We start by analysing the experience that your customers are currently having with your brand. Everything from service, store ergonomics, information availability and relevance to website usability, follow up and project/service delivery.

Target Market and Customer Personas

We then dive into your audience. Gaining an in-depth understanding of who they are, how they talk, what they want and how they want to receive it. Developing target audience personas which drive all further activities.

Journey Mapping

Journey mapping takes into account every step or touchpoint that your audience experiences when relating to your brand. This includes, but isn’t limited to the decision-making process, and allows us to identify the information and experiences that are required, and when they are required to help the customer make a buying decision.

Journey and Experience Development

We then work with you to develop experiences and communications that create loyal customers. We believe businesses see the best results when they partner with people in finding a better or more convenient life.

Delivery and Implementation

Planning and managing the delivery and implementation of the project in ensuring it is successful in meeting the needs of customers.

Measurement and Review

Finally, we then measure and review the customer experience to identify areas of improvement and drop of points along the customer journey.

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