How to clean your Walls...

Colourless Chux?

SparkIDEA from Kerry Sanders

Fair warning!! Domestic idea ahead!!

I use Blue Chux for everything! They are so cheap and useful I use them like paper towels.

On top of that, having a toddler I find that I am always cleaning things off my walls, but no matter, I have my Chux. Which work brilliant. They are absorbent enough to pick up any mess and leave my wall free from blemish. In fact, they work better than those magic eraser wall cleaners, and they aren’t nearly as expensive.

There is only one problem, they leave a big old blue mark in their wake. Defeating the purpose of cleaning all together.

Although since they work so well, why did we have to go and create something new? Why not just alter the thing that we already know works.

Why not create white or ‘colourless’ Chux? That don’t leave a mark.

I could clean all the surfaces I like without it looking like I had accidentally squished a Smurf.

I would buy them. Wouldn’t you?

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